Fitness begins at 50 for Pete

By Laura Maltby Tuesday 25 September 2012 Updated: 02/10 12:08

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YOU'RE never too old to get fit.

So says 62-year-old Peter Hodder after he took up exercise as an unfit 50-year-old.

His defining moment came when he went for a run on a beach in southern Italy with his then 12-year-old daughter and became so out of breather he thought he was going to die.

Peter promised himself from that point onwards he would get fit so next time he'd be able to run the stretch and never have to relive the experience.

The former health service director has since gone on to become a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor and yoga teacher.

And now the he has achieved many personal goals including running half marathons at Coventry, Nottingham and Stratford as well as various 10k runs.

Last year he even hiked the Grand Canyon rim over three days and now he wants to encourage others to focus on their health and fitness, irrespective of their age.

The father-of-three has written a book - Change your Mind Change your Body - about overcoming the mental barriers to taking up exercise.

The short, user-friendly book gets people to work out what they want to achieve, how they can achieve it safely by taking into account what is practical and realistic.

Peter, who teaches yoga and fitness classes at health facilities in and around Stratford, believes it is never too late to get fit.

He said: “There is no magic wand we can wave to become fitter, healthier and, for many of us, to help lose that extra weight.

“The key ingredients are a combination of exercise and diet and not just short-term measures but changing our lifestyle to lead a healthier life.”

He added: “Becoming fitter and healthier not only prolongs your life but gives you the physical and mental capacities to enjoy life even more.”

Peter's book Change your Mind Change your Body is available to buy online through and in Kindle format on Amazon.

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